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Hello everyone,

This blog site is where I will share current news and events about conferences, concerts, or other items that are not on my main website.

With that in mind, here is information about my upcoming concert with the Toronto-based organization Scaramella.

Saturday, March 7, 2015, 8:00 PM EST
Victoria Chapel, 2nd Floor, Room 213, 91 Charles St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

Concert Description:

In 1737 Telemann traveled to Paris to hear his Nouveau Quatuors performed to great critical acclaim by leading musicians of the day: Michel Blavet (on flute), Jean-Pierre Guignon (violin), Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (gamba) and Anne-Jeanne Boucon (harpsichord). We’re all in with four of a kind plus a kicker, rejoining several of Telemann’s dynamic quartets with music by, and inspired by, these celebrated French performers.

I will have the privilege of working with Edwin Huizinga – baroque violin, Sara-Anne Churchill – harpsichord, and my long-time friend and colleague, Joëlle Morton – bass viol. If you find yourself in the greater Toronto area on March 7, please consider attending the concert.

A brief word about not-for-profit arts organizations, such as the group presenting my upcoming concert:

“Scaramella is a small not-for-profit charitable organization, and we are always careful to keep our costs to a minimum. Though we attract a sizable turnout for performances and our audience numbers are consistently growing, the cost of producing our concerts greatly outweighs what we are able to take in tickets sales.”

This is a story shared by many other non-profit arts organizations in North America. I, therefore, encourage you to consider making a contribution to the upcoming event by clicking here:  Scaramella presents: Telemania

Thank you.

Until the next time,



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