Musicology: Teaching

Courses taught at Sam Houston State University, 2017-18, as an Adjunct Professor of Musicology. 

  • Music History: Antiquity through Baroque
  • Music History: Classic to Present
  • Seminar in Twentieth-Century Music

Courses taught at Texas Tech University, 2016-17, as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology

  • Music in the Classic Period
  • Music History Review for Graduate Students
  • Intro to Traverso and Performance Practices
  • Music as Cultural History I (JS Bach to Richard Strauss)
  • Music and Gender: From Hildegard to Hip-Hop

Courses taught at the University of Oregon, 2009-13, as Teacher of Record, Graduate Teaching Fellow

  • Guided Listening (Gregorian Chant through the 20th century) (x3)
  • Music History Review for Graduate Students (x2)
  • Intro to Vernacular Music: Part I, French and Spanish Remnants (x1)
  • Intro to Historical Performance Practices (Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods (x1)

As University of Oregon Discussion Section Leader/Teaching Assistant

  • Music History sequence: Medieval-Renaissance/Baroque-Classical/Romantic-21st
  • Hip-Hop Music: History, Culture, Aesthetics
  • The Beatles: Their Life and Time
  • Music in World Cultures

As a Guest Lecturer

  • Central Oregon Community College, Understanding Music: Latin American Music, 2015
  • The University of Montana, Historical performance practices lecture, September 2013
  • Umpqua Community College, Intro to Music and its Literature, March 2013
  • University of Oregon, Understanding Music, Fall 2010
  • Delta State University, Cleveland, MS, Music History survey, February 2007