Flute Extremes (FluX) summer workshop, 17-21 June 2015

Dear Flute Enthusiasts,

I want to spread the word about this upcoming workshop, the third annual Flute Extremes (FluX).

FluX: Where the worlds of Baroque and modern flutes, flute playing, and flute music come together.

FluX III is directed by Molly Barth (flute) and Kim Pineda (Baroque flute), and takes place June 17-21, 2015, on the beautiful University of Oregon campus.

Here is the blog site: http://fluteextremes.blogspot.com/

FluX is open to players of either modern or Baroque flute, and to those who play both instruments. Flutists of all ages are invited to attend, provided the repertoire listings are compatible with their playing level.

Please click the FluX Repertoire page for the performance expectations for Baroque and modern flute players.

To apply for admission, please click on the Application and Housing page.
Tuition: $400;with housing: $675

Auditors: $200, with housing $475

FluX focuses on music from the 18th-, 20th-, and 21st-centuries. Baroque flutists will work on the traditional repertoire for the instrument (and in-depth historical performance practices) as well as explore its ever-expanding repertoire of modern music.  Modern players will focus on the current repertoire for their instrument as well as discover the parallel performance practices in Baroque music.

May 15 is the deadline to submit a CD, DVD, YouTube link, or other URL consisting of one piece of your choice.

Here are some testimonials from the previous FluX workshops.

“I learned a great deal and had several epiphanies which were positive. I enjoyed all of the seminars and the speed at which we worked, and I was able to take away a few golden nuggets of musical and general wisdom!”
Chelsea Czuchra (Switzerland), FluX II (2014)

“FluX is a world class Summer program that truly stretches the bounds of how we play, think, and engage with the flute. It is a treasure and an adventure to span over five centuries of repertoire in just a few days. My heartiest thanks and congratulations to Molly Barth and Kim Pineda for leading the way in creating such a powerful forum.”
Shaun Barlow (Australia), FluX I, 2013

FluX III is limited to sixteen (16) participants, and as many auditors as space allows.

Please join us for five days of musical stimulation, inspiration, great music, and explore the commonalities between the performance practices of modern and Baroque music. Remember: Composers in the 18th century didn’t write Baroque music; they wrote modern music.


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